Preventative maintenance, so that safety can be planned!

Regular maintenance extends the life of your genset, and caters for even more reliability!

Protection tests according to DIN VDE

We also carry out all required protection tests according to DIN VDE for you:

DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3 Inspection)
DGUV V3 Inspections (formerly BGV A3 Inspections) are nowadays mandatory for all companies. Electrical equipment, installations and all electrical systems in buildings have to be tested for safety at regular intervals. This serves to prevent work accidents as well as damage to property and people. According to accident prevention regulation DGUV Regulation 3, employers are thus required to carry out inspections at regular intervals of all electrical equipment and installations used in the company. We are happy to do your testing and validation for you, customarily as part of your yearly maintenance!

DGUV Regulation 70
According to DGUV 70, vehicles and trailers are defined as work equipment according to the Industrial Safety Regulation. Employers are obliged to inspect all work equipment to see if it is in proper condition and to document the results of the test. The inspection is subdivided as follows: Vehicle technology – Mounting technology – Load securing

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